AVINA trading Group:

Commercial Consultancy

The commercial consultation service of “AVINA” allows companies to avoid potential penalties from failure to employ with relevant regulations, lack of information or miss understandings due to language barriers.

Trade Development

We have expertise in market development, finding new customers and sourcing raw materials from all over the world as they are the main concern of the companies.

Business Facilitating

Our aim is to increase your QUALTY, SPEED, and EFFICINCY while reducing your COST at the same time.

Market Door Opening

Due to our relations in the market & our 20 year experience, we have a good sense about the opportunities & know how to be involved in properly.

NOTE: ? We have business partners in Germany, Iraq , Syria,Turkey,India, Georgia,Yemen,China, Oman ,UAE ,USA, Canada, Mauritius,Suadi Arabia,Lebanon so you can easily trade with us

Avina Trading is exclusive agent of www.tradekey.com  in Iran